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Millennial Olive Tree

High Phenolic
Olive Oil

Olive Branch

Beyond Extra-Virgin

Oleaphen's Extraordinarily High Phenolic Olive Oil,  is not your regular Olive Oil-  its phenolic content is over 30 times higher than the Extra-Virgin average.


Our olive trees are cultivated using permaculture and agro-ecological methods with 

our groves being biodiverse  eco-systems, teaming with life, free of chemicals and soaking up carbon. All our operations are CO2 negative, with one such example being the fact that  1 litre of our oil sequesters 16 Kg of CO2 (including distribution)

​Our oil -truly unique and tailor-made for cosmetic and dermatologic use- is produced artisanally using our proprietary extraction methods that transform the olive juice into an unparalleled new grade of olive oil.


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What the Science says:

Standing Out:

Unparralled Quality and Chemical Profile

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