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Sharing Nature's Wisdom

Rosemary Cosmetics

About Us

Tradition meets Innovation

Based on the island of Cyprus, Oleaphen is a supplier of Mediterranean Natural Active Ingredients for the Cosmetic and Nutraceutical industry.

Oleaphen bridges the gap between tradition and innovation using Permaculture methods of cultivation and state-of-the-art  proprietary technologies to transcend its products.

Oleaphen is committed to providing bespoke quality ingredients, that create wellness for both people and the planet

Olive tree

Working with Nature not against it

We cultivate our plants and trees  using permaculture and agro-ecological methods. Our focus is on the root system microbiome: the synergies in the soil drastically increase the polyphenol content of our products.


Following nature's wisdom, the groves are biodiverse eco-systems, teaming with life, free of chemicals and soaking up carbon; all our operations are CO2 negative.

Moreover, 1 liter of our olive oil sequesters 16 Kg of CO2 (including distribution)

Our Ethics

Beyond Organic

carbon sequestration

Carbon Negative


Pesticide and Pollutant Free


Vegan & Cruelty Free

Regenerative Agriculture


Traceability & Transparency

community engagement

Community Engagement



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